In life, Jesse was a best friend to Willow and Xander. As bad luck would have it, he was picked up by Darla one night at the Bronze to be food for The Master. After The Slayer showed up and tried (but failed) to keep him from being taken away, The Master realized that she would come and try to save him again. For this reason, Luke sired him to use as bait. When The Slayer and Xander came to save him, he and other vampires surprised and attacked them, but they still managed to get away. On The Harvest, Jesse was among the other vampires that came to the Bronze to help Luke. When The Slayer came to stop Luke, her friends came along to help. Xander got to Jesse, and held a stake to his heart, thinking he might be able to get through to his old friend. Jesse laughed and did nothing, knowing Xander would never be able to kill him. Unfortunately for Jesse, someone bumped him from behind, pushing him onto the stake and killing him instantly.


Like other new vampires, Jesse was amazed by his new senses, the ability to sense and smell things humans can not. His original personality was totally skewed because of his lack of soul, desire to do evil and his new vampire powers. His strength and resistance to injury were also pretty low compaired to older vampires. All in all, Jesse was pretty typical of any new vampire.
The Master

Vampire Morality

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