In life, Andrew Borba was wanted for questioning in a double murder. He was turned into a vampire when The Order of Aurelius crashed a bus he was in, and sired him. His body was taken to a morgue, where he woke up and attacked The Slayer who was looking for The Anointed One. Because she had never seen either before, she mistook Borba for The Anointed. Borba was killed when he was trapped in a crematorium and incinerated.


Creepy guy. Totally wacked out as both a human and a vampire. He was a typical new vampire, amazed by his new, enhanced senses and frustrated by his weaknesses. He lends evidence to my theory that vampires can plant suggestions into thier sired while they are still dead, as he mentioned he was told about Buffy while "he was sleeping."
The Master
The Anointed One

Creation of a Vampire
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