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This is a page full of in-depth studies on the vampires from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. If you've ever wondered anything about the vampires on the show, you've come to the right place!

This page won't include anything about other vampires from other forms of media. This page is only about the 'Buffy Universe' vampires. Hell, I've never even read an Anne Rice novel. I don't include fanfic, novelizations or anything like that (although some of them may offer good theories.) The only stuff that counts is the television shows, and stuff that is said by the show creators. There's some debate over whether or not to include stuff from the novels and comics written by the show's writers. For now I'm not going to, simply because I think the writers would ignore the stuff they wrote in the comic if they wanted to make a good story on the show.

Please also be aware that the site will have spoilers to episodes that have been shown in the US. I have many friends outside the US that are only watching certain seasons in their country, and so I hate to do this to you. I will keep plot elements as unrevealed as possible, but there will be some.

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This page is constantly updated, and the research pages are often redone, so keep checking back.

Recent Updates:
06/18/02 - I just have a little bit of site news on why there haven't been many updates lately. It's too long to explain here, so it's been given its own seperate page. 05/19/02 - No, I've not forgotten about this site. I'm just busy... I'll try and update sometime soon...
03/05/02 - New study. First one in a while, and it's not 100% about vampires, but it got me to get a lot of thoughts and theorys off my chest. Be sure to give it a look. From what I've seen on Buffy forums, not everyone understands some of the concepts, and this should help them.
02/14/02 - Angel's page has some new info on it. Small edits to The Master's page and the main page. Plus, The Claw's page was totally redone.
02/08/02 - I redid Borba and The Anointed One's pages (both with new pictures and bios.) Plus I added a couple more paragraph's and pictures to The Master's page, as well as giving Angel a new picture as well.



Research on individual vampires.

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This page got insperation from the Star Wars Technical Commentaries, a good page which puts science to The Star Wars universe.

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